Friday, November 04, 2011


The City-Lit Series of travel books continues spiralling its upward success.

Heather Reyes and Malcolm Burgess at Oxygen Books  are really excited about their latest title, city-pick New York. I wish I could have bought this book when I visited the city some years ago.  We know that  NewYork is one of the most exciting and pulsating places on earth with so many fantastic writers who have lived there and used it as a background to their own books.

From F Scott Fitzgerald journeying up Fifth Avenue and Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo arriving in Greenwich Village to Alistair Cooke looking out over Central Park and David Byrne doing the Five Boro Bike Tour …From Maxim Gorky visiting Coney Island and Edmund White finding a city of freedoms to Jan Morris recalling Manhattan 1945 and Teju Cole encountering the Statue of Liberty and over seventy other dazzling writers, this is a book that truly celebrates the richness and diversity of this amazing metropolis.

city-pick New York, edited by Heather Reyes, was published last week and costs £9.99, paperback original, 978 09567876 1 3. The book and other city-pick titles are available in bookshops, Amazon UK and of course post and packing free worldwide at  The book is out in South Africa in November and in Australia and New Zealand in December.

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