Thursday, October 06, 2011


It's years since I've been involved in the WEA movement (last classes were based at Brentwood). Then we had Victorian novelists and American writers on the reading list, but am delighted I chose this current course TALKING HEADS tutored by Stephen O'Kane asssisted by Denise Fielding. The course started last week and continues over eight weeks. 

Alan Bennett has always intrigued me, certainly since the days from Beyond the Fringe at London's Mayfair Hotel, so we all go back a very long time.  Bennett's monologues are so cleverly created and acted and we are treated to performances from Julie Walters, Maggie Smith, Patricia Routledge, Stephanie Cole, Eileen Atkins among others  including the great man himself.  Next week we study BED AMONG THE LENTILS with the fabulous Maggie Smith (born in Essex, incidentally!) and I've already done my homework - what a swot!  There are still a few places available! -(contact

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