Monday, September 05, 2011


Having worked in public relations and advertising way back in my career, I know the value of communication:  using websites, blogs and social links in all their many forms.  When it comes to publicising your latest book, do think about radio, whether national, regional or local, people love to listen in - so why not give them a treat.

My friend, Ian McGregor tells me:  "If you're a published author or expert, your local talk radio station will LOVE to hear from you. Radio talk show producers are constantly on the look out for interesting local people with a tale to tale or who's story connects with current issues in the news - if you've published a book on phone hacking, you will be very popular at the moment! If you get interviewed, don't forget to mention your blog or website so that listeners can find out more about you and get hold of your book if they want to."

 Ian McGregor is a brilliant media relations expert and former BBC local radio talk show host. You can find him @theprbloke on Twitter.  He has a super voice (hugely important) and he could be of huge help in your quest for fame and fortune!  Contact him via

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