Thursday, July 14, 2011


Always a smile and brilliant reception when I go into Phoenix 98FM radio studio in Brentwood, Essex.  This morning was no exception and the presenter of Eat My Lunch 11.00-2pm, the  lovely Michelle was keen to find out what our local writers' group had been up to recently.  Told her and the listeners about the BWC anniversary celebrations last month and she wanted to know about my latest book   THE WOMAN WRITER.  Young as she is, she knew of Joyce Grenfell, who appears on front cover.  I managed to enlighten Michelle about our international  Society of Women Writers & Journalists, of which Joyce was President for 22 years.  The book is selling well now and copies can be found in all Waterstone's, independent bookshops and of course on Amazon.   

Did I mention in earlier posts that Michelle has a great voice and has made DVDs, sings at weddings, gigs and everywhere.  If you nip on to her site, you can hear her super voice - some of my favourite songs - and learn much more about her.

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