Thursday, July 07, 2011


There is barely a month goes by when yet another book comes on to the market - many of them self-published.   The latest is ESSEX AT WAR written by Michael Foley and published under Amberley Publishing Plc. Stroud.  Having read several of this author's earlier books, I enjoy his relaxed style, although the subject of the book is rather serious.

Essex has been at the centre of conflict since the earliest days of recorded history.  Foley's carefully selected images and factual captions take the reader through the turbulent times of the Romans, when the Iceni tribe slaughtered the invaders at Colchester, through to the period of William the Conqueror and to the later gathering of troops at Tilbury to fight the Spanish Armada and the war with Napoleon.

Warley, Colchester, Purfleet and other locations are all involved, being tented, temporary camps as well as sturdy barracks, many of which were to last until the last century.  These buildings housed the brave military men of Essex who, throughout the ages, have helped to protect the country both at home and around the world.

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