Saturday, May 28, 2011


Chelsea showed off many of its gardens, large and small, but this Suffolk-based Nursery was particularly interesting. John Woods Nurseries’ Fruitful Garden won a Silver-Gilt Flora on Monday.

Designed by DeakinLock, A Fruitful Garden formed part of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Four Generations feature, sponsored by The Sun. The feature shows visitors how to develop an existing front garden to grow fruit alongside existing planting with minimal fuss or outlay. Ease of maintenance and optimum use of limited space were key factors in the design.

The award follows a high profile start to the event for John Woods Nurseries, who also welcomed actresses Barbara Windsor and Hannah Gordon, broadcaster Piers Morgan and designers Zandra Rhodes and Linda Barker onto the stand.

Created for a theoretical end-of-terrace property on a new build development in an East Anglian town, A Fruitful Garden features reclaimed galvanised water tanks that act as features while collecting rain water for irrigation. The plot was bordered on two sides by a fence of reclaimed metal re-bar and timber posts which were semi industrial, reflecting the urban location. They also allow greater access to planting around the edges of the plot, making maintenance easier. A stone plinth provided seating in the garden while a high western boundary wall clad with pebbles and timber, reflecting the materials used throughout the property, and demonstrating how, even in a small space every surface can be used creatively.

Speaking from the Show, John Lord, managing director at John Woods Nurseries, said “A Fruitful Garden aims to demonstrate to new homeowners that front gardens can be ideal places to grow fruit in a colourful, private setting without great upheaval or expense. We’re delighted to have won this award and look forward to another busy week at RHS Chelsea Flower Show.”