Sunday, March 27, 2011


Several Society of Women Writers and Journalists members are celebrating the launch of their new books this month.

Our very own Honorary Secretary,  Bradley Bernarde, has been busily signing copies of her exciting new novel entitled To Thine Own Self at bookshops in London bookshops, but more particularly in Stamford, a place she knows so well having family connections there for more than 30 years. The idea for the plot of her new book began here and she chose the 17th century Commonwealth period as a fascinating background with its links to witchcraft.

Among her reviews is one from Clive Evans, Producer of Nice Pictures, who wrote: ‘An excellently researched fascinating account of life in the 17th century... The characters are all finely drawn and our sympathy is fully engaged with the problems and difficulties they encounter. This is a book with which to savour the atmosphere of an age, and is thoroughly recommended for history buffs.’

The Apothecary’s Gift was published by Whydown Books in 2003 and the author has written three more books, along with many short stories.