Saturday, September 18, 2010


Back in the spring I reviewed Nick Ardley’s book Salt Marsh & Mud published by Amberley Publications which has since become a best seller in East Anglia. Now, Nick has written a sequel.

You don’t need to be a sailor or even to particularly like boats to enjoy Nick’s current book MUDLARKING (Thames Estuary Cruising Yarns). In Nick’s introduction he says:

“This is a quiet and gentle meander by a skipper and a mate sailing in their wooden, clinker sloop, around the coastline of East Anglia. As they weave through the marshland environment that pervades this idyllic watering world, from North Kent to Suffolk, they take time to look around them as they sail. They observe the topography and history of places visited and passed by… Within the Thames archipelago, Numerous rivers and creeks indent the land. They creep up shallow sunken valleys, passing huge modern ports and bustling towns…… Little waterside hamlets, old farm wharves and vibrant, modern marinas mingle sleepily…

Nick’s tales tucked between the covers of this 224 pages will appeal to anyone with an interest in the history of Essex and wildlife of this fascinating area of the country. ISBN 978 1 84868 492 8 £16.99