Saturday, October 10, 2009


May I introduce Mary Rensten, journalist, playwright and author of TOO STRONG A LIGHT published by Scriptora. Mary is currently a Vice-President of The Society of Women Writers & Journalists and, as Chairman at the time of our centenary in 1994, masterminded that year of celebration. If you live in the Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire area, do pop along to see Mary today and maybe buy a signed copy of her new book which has received excellent reviews.

Too Strong a Light
by Mary Rensten

79 High Street,
Cuffley journalist and dramatist Mary Rensten
launches launches her career as a novelist. Mary's novel is a ompelling story of the unearthing of a fifty year old secret. Starting in Enfield and Hertford, the novel moves swiftly to Malta in 1995, with flashbacks to the Second World War, War as Mary’s heroine, Jane Thornfield, uncovers the dramatic and startling secret of her family’s connection with the war-torn island.
“Too Strong a Light has just the right combination of drama, humour,
romance and intrigue to make it perfect reading at home or on holiday.”
TAR Entertainment
“I couldn’t put this down. I couldn’t wait to find out what had happened in Malta
50 years ago.”
Meg Alexander, romantic novelist
“The story sweeps you along and the characters are so real.“
Suzannah Dunn, best-selling historical novelist
Too Strong A Light is published by
Scriptora in association with the SWWJ.
On Sale from 10th October 2009
ISBN 978-0-9562494-0-1 Price: £7.99