Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inside Out

One of our newish members of the Society of Women Writers & Journalists is Rebecca Atherton who recently sent me a copy of her magazine Inside Out. This is a new breed of literary arts magazine which I found fascinating. Rebecca's description of the journal is 'part literary publication, part therapeutic expression'. Her aim is to promote creativity for self-development through the publication of a diverse mix of artistic work. Self-awareness and self-help are the twin aims. She believes that sometimes simply owning something on the page is all it takes to move past it and move on, for both reader and creator. Rebecca’s first edition of Inside Out received a great welcome and her latest publication is equally as good.

Inside Out is fuelled by the understanding that creativity can be a powerful way of coping with, and overcoming, the inevitable hurdles that life brings. Not only can it actively help to develop a broader sense of perspective; it also has the potential to really boost self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem: the pen and paintbrush transformed by the touch of our hand into a powerful magic wand. Take a look for yourself.