Monday, June 22, 2009



I'm back on line now - gremlins at play over the last month - then an electrical storm caused my modem to crash - oh well - back now - difficulties overcome.

So interested in today's news re the new Speaker of the House of Commons. Was rather hoping that Ann Widdecombe would get the job, but old John Bercow is the winner - the 157th Speaker to take the Chair. Some of them in the past lost their heads! Hope he makes a better job than his immediate predecessor. I simply loved Betty Boothroyd when she was Speaker. Interviewed her one Christmas in Speaker's House - a magnificent place. She was my WOMAN OF THE YEAR and the topic of my feature article. Received such a warm welcome. Around that time, interviewed Ann Widdecombe in the House and again - super hospitality extended. The resulting features were instrumental in my Freelance Writer of the Year award - so here's to these splendid ladies!