Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I had intended to post news of the revamp of my first book published in 2001 entitled BRENTWOOD VOICES, which, as you see, has a new name and a new cover. Some of my six other books have received the same treatment - I am pleased to say. However, this one is rather special. I have just received the sad news that George Liddiard who, with his late wife Muriel, were so helpful in supplying information for my book, has died. His mother-in-law, Florence - who was almost 106 when she died - is on the front page (in that lovely white hat!) and there are plenty of images of Florence and old Brentwood within its pages. So you see a sixteen-year-old Florence on the front cover and then when she was coming up to her 106th birthday - what a privilege to meet, photograph and record such a wonderful lady!