Sunday, March 01, 2009


Directory of Writers' Circles, Courses and Workshops 2009

In response to those readers who asked for information on where to find writing circles, workshops and courses to help them further their interest, I recommend Diana Hayden’s excellent website The business of writing really is a solitary business, yet now and again, it is helpful to meet others who might be able to offer help and understanding.

Diana, from Harlington in Bedfordshire has done excellent work over the last ten years, in providing information about all known writing clubs in the UK. From this, she has created her Directory which is helpful to all. Check out Diana’s website: Hardcover ISBN 978-1-904065-12-8. There is even a little U-Tube section which explains some of the items included in her Directory, although she is too shy to allow me a photograph. I am sure that my friends at the Brentwood Writers' Circle won't mind me using their last gathering to illustrate this blog.