Thursday, December 04, 2008


As many regular expat readers know, small English towns know how to celebrate Christmas in the traditional way. One annual event everyone seems to turn out for is the Grand High Street Christmas Parade which took its important part of Billericay Fun night (courtesy of the town’s Rotarians). Here we have some of our Falabella miniature horses leading the parade, which were followed by Father Christmas in his sleigh – the lovely warm atmosphere contrasted to a freezing cold night. Most of the shops were open and welcoming, mincepies, port and sherry were there for everyone and folk from St Mary Magdalen's Church provided hot drinks to the background of the best of Christmas Carols. Our super Tony Motley, from the famous Billericay Mayflower Morrismen - his hat decorated in true Christmas fashion -was there. This year, he was accompanied by his lovely daughter Danyelle who was showcasing her beautiful range of creative jewellery. For more detail, do email me.