Monday, December 01, 2008


The ALCS held their AGM in London last week. It celebrated its thirtieth birthday last year. Writers need all the help they can get and this is one organisation who, with a small governing board - work hard in supporting us all. Many benefits are there - just check out their website www.ALCS

Thursday's original venue was planned to be in the ancient Stationers' Hall, but just a few hours earlier, a power cut at the building forced their team to evacuate to a lovely venue just around the corner which accommodated us all without problem. What a superb evening it turned out to be, with a party and presentation of book awards following the business side. Seven of our members from the Society of Women Writers & Journalists attended and it was great to relax and also meet other authors and journalists. Picture here of our very own member, journalist Sally Ann Voak, well known for her many books connected to good health and dieting. Her work has appeared regularly in the Sun newspaper over many years. She is pictured here with crime writer, Jeremy Cameron whose books, set in East London, enjoy popularity. A happy evening was enjoyed by all.