Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Kiddiwalks in Kent - Super book by our friend, Janet. Enthusiasm abounds on every page. It is clearly illustrated by words, pictures and maps. Children will love walking and exploring the woods and trails explained so well.

The historical outline for each area adds a touch of mystery and magic. Nothing like the walk to school - you will hear them say so! It is certainly a book to get us back on our feet, whether we are children, mums, dads or grandparents. The walks are not too daunting for old legs as well as younger ones.

Each walk includes a heading: 'Fun Things to See and Do'. Kiddiwalks in Kent gives everyone an excellent opportunity to watch for birds, discover hiding places in the undergrowth where pheasants and hares linger. See a lighthouse, a working windmill, a Viking ship, a chance to paddle in shallow streams, to throw bread to chuckling ducks on Goudhurst's lovely pond, to gather interesting pebbles and shells, listen for the marsh frog, maybe a ride on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway. Such exciting adventures with plenty of information regarding food and comfort stops. Even buggies can be accommodated on some of the walks. What more can one ask? These walks are very suitable for children and accompanying adults.

Not sure who, in the SWWJ. wrote this book review, but it does sum up Janet's latest book. Nice picture here of an earlier event when Janet won an award for her monologue. Princess Michael came along to present her prize.