Sunday, August 10, 2008


Billericay Air Cadets enjoying gliding, flying and a visit to Imperial War Museum at Hendon.

The Billericay Squadron (2393) is recruiting for September. The Air Cadet Organisation is thriving nationally. Each year more than 60,000 cadets, volunteer staff and civilian committee members help engage in pursuits and rewarding opportunities such as championing good causes in local communities, pursuing sporting events at a national level and becoming international youth ambassadors.

Air cadets, boys and girls aged 13 - 19 are given the chance by our team of staff and volunteers to learn to fly, develop skills to lead expeditions, tour foreign countries, become target shooting marksmen, join a band and learn about aviation and aerospace. This is only a small list of the many activities and opportunities available all whilst making new friends. The ACO is continually searching for high calibre like-minded volunteers to keep it at the top of its game as one of the top youth organisations in the United Kingdom.

For further details: 01277 652794