Saturday, July 12, 2008


Every four years we visit Dunmow for the Flitch Trials which are a fabulous and fascinating piece of pure Essex folklore. A flitch (a side) of bacon will be awarded to married couples from anywhere in the world, if they can satisfy the Judge and Jury of 6 maidens and 6 bachelors that in ' twelvemonth and a day' they have 'not wished themselves unmarried again'.
A reference to The Dunmow Flitch is even in The Wife of Bath's Tale within Chaucer's 14th century Canterbury Tales. Four years ago we met the lovely Claire Rayner to Essex as one of our Counsel in the Flitch Court.

We must ensure that this unique Essex tradition continues. So if you haven't seen or heard of The Dunmow Flitch Trials before, take a browse through the DUNMOW FLITCH WEBSITE and come along with us to watch the trials with national radio and TV producers for the film 'Secret Essex'. More than 7,000 are expected to turn up today, so get there early to find a good seat in the marquee. To learn more about the Trials and other interesting stories from this part of England, read my book FOLKLORE OF ESSEX which gives a full background to this 900-year-old tale of love (on page 12!)