Monday, June 09, 2008


Two Essex writers Andrew Summers and John Debenham are in the limelight once again. Andrew began writing many years ago plaguing the press, the local council, his MP and anyone else he felt were deserving of sharing his opinion. Two and half years ago The Essex Hundred project was born after a poem about Hadleigh Castle was published by the Southend Poetry Society. At the outset Andrew teamed up with John Debenham who combines a study of history with a fascination for the spoken word. His interest in writing poetry and short stories, with longer works in perpetual progress, meant that this project was irresistible. So far we have a Poetry Book, a Colouring book and a new title The Essex Hundred - Histories about to roll of the press.

The Essex Hundred
From the Romans - to Nuclear power - to the Space Shuttle. How and why has Essex played such a pivotal role in the development of British History? Some interesting facts and unusual events make up the remarkable history of Essex.