Thursday, May 01, 2008


There are many authors and journalists among my friends and it is great to meet up with them from time to time. Sheila Norton is a superb writer who was guest speaker at one of the Essex SWWJ Regional meetings and her books are so popular. She has always loved writing since she was a small girl and finally achieved her lifelong ambition of having a novel published with the acceptance in 2002 of 'The Trouble With Ally'. We have all enjoyed reading her short stories published in women's magazines for many years before her big break came. Sheila said: “I’m passionate about my writing and love to hear from my readers. I am also happy to give talks to writers' groups and I enjoy book signings.” Sheila’s seventh book “Sweet Nothings” is a great read and will be the book of the month at one of our Reading Groups. Look her up on her own website : Sheila Norton
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