Sunday, March 30, 2008


One of the advantages of belonging to the Society of Women Writers & Journalists, is having the opportunity of meeting so many talented writers - of all types. One of them - my friend Joan Moules - lives in Selsey, West Sussex and is one of the most prolific authors I know. One of her first books about the life of Gracie Fields, hit the best seller list and keeps popping up on TV and in films. Her latest books -three of them published over the last year, are all set to be as successful. Here is Joan's comment on her latest trio of books, but you can find out more in the link to her website alongside.

"'It's One Of Ours': Published December 2007. ISBN. 978-0-7090-8362-7
Anna and Joe Putts daughter was born on September 3rd 1939 as the first sirens wailed throughout London. Eight months later Joe was in the army and like so many other young wives and mothers Anna concentrated all her love and attention on her child. A traumatic experience on the one occasion when she did go out for her own pleasure had repercussions she could never have imagined. The Putts lived in Dason Street, along with Queenie and Fred, Rosie and Jim, and Liza and Sid, who ran the newsagents. Sid, too old for the first call-up became the street's air-raid warden and later, he and Liza did their bit by taking in bombed out children. Queenie went to work in a factory. She also made contact again with the love of her life, Paul Tranmer, when he came over from his home in Canada to join up. Meanwhile some of her grandchildren were evacuated to the country and, afraid she might lose the closeness she had always had with them, she learned all she could about life on a farm so she could talk intelligently to them about it. Dason Street's party, held on Saturday 12th May 1945 was one of the largest anyone in the district had experienced. As they ate an aeroplane flew overhead and dozens of tiny heads looked up to watch its progress. "It's all right", a small boy said, "it's one of ours".
More details, infomation and reviews can be found on the It's One of Ours page

The Straw Halter: Published August 2007. ISBN. 978-0-7090-8276-7
In 1820 when Betsy is eighteen years old she is sold in the market place to farmer Daniel Forrester. Since childhood her beauty has sparked jealousy from many quarters, but she is intelligent and ambitious as well as beautiful, and, unlike many in her position has been taught to read and write. Betsy's dream is for women to be accepted as equals to men and never again be forced into submission. Her first husband, who sold her to Daniel, treated her as a servant. Daniel does not do this but he is jealous when a young man comes to work on the farm. Betsy, who always seemed to be the outcast in her family, has been trying to find out about her father, who reputedly died when she was a baby. Her estrangement from Daniel when they quarrel, and her friendship with Rosa and Bill whom she meets while trying to find work at a fair, eventually lead to the truth, not only about her ancestry but also about her relationship with the farmhand.
More details, infomation and reviews can be found on the Straw Halter page

Tin Hats and Gas Masks: Published March 2007. ISBN. 978-0-7090-8235-4
I've been busy promoting this and have received some fantastic feedback. It is being published in large print in February 2008 and in audio in July 2008
More details, information and reviews can be found on the Tin Hats page"