Thursday, March 29, 2007


Essex is especially rich in traditions, legends, songs and stories that have been handed down through the ages. Today, superstitions and old wives’ tales are as popular as ever and leading ghost sleuth Darren Mann believes Essex is one of the most haunted counties in the country. In this book Sylvia Kent’s lively account of life in Essex is well-researched and includes poems, songs, quotes from a variety of sources, and is accompanied by many illustrations. Kent deftly explores the origins and meanings of the folklore in Essex to reveal how the traditions of the past have influenced present customs and interests. Each chapter covers a particular aspect of folklore so the book is enjoyable in which to dip in and out. Every chapter is full of vivid details of real people and historical events that have inspired the Folklore of Essex published by Tempus Publishing Limited Price £14.99 ISBN: 0-7524-3677-5 Available from local bookshops or contact author

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