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On being asked to comment on the dearth of funny titles hitting British bookshops, up pops Malcolm Burgess’s latest offering ’50 Reasons Why I Hate the Office. A brilliant read and certainly no connection with David Brent and Slough! From listening to his readers’ comments, Malcolm’s book has certainly struck a communal funny cord. and looks set to be a top stocking filler this Christmas.

Hutton-based Malcolm is well qualified to write his whimsical A – Z journey through the daily 9 - 5 office grind. After leaving university, much of his adult life has been spent in publishing, advertising and he was a former literary manager at Essex CC, organising the prestigious annual Essex Book Festival. Since September, however, he’s joined the select band of "working from home brigade."

Basking in some great reviews on radio and major broadsheets, this is one author who is enjoying his book’s success. As a freelance journalist and scriptwriter, his recent comic series has appeared in The Times, Metro and the Mail on Sunday’s ‘You’ magazine amongst other titles. His latest radio comedy, Fear and Loathing in Crouch End was first aired on Radio 4 in December 2005 and his column in London’s Metro newspaper has brought chuckles to many bleary-eyed commuters on Monday mornings.

"If hell had a modern name, it would be today’s workplace," laughs Malcolm. Try as they might to convince us that there’s a purpose to what we do (vision statements about global domination) and that they always have our best interests at heart (Human Resource managers who love us all), we know we’re being conned."

In his book, Malcolm comments on every aspect of office life, from the agony of Bonding and Away Days, workaholics, conference calls and that ghastly Office Creep (there’s always one), not forgetting Sex In the Office – there are lots of laughs.

Malcolm exploits the deep vein of cynicism and rebelliousness that runs through every office. Better than any stress-ball or executive toy, "I Hate the Office" is the essential weapon in the war against the angst of modern office life.

As reported in an article in The Times "From tedious training courses and ugly office design to the horrors of commuting and work as the new religion, there are many reasons to hate the office." Suggested solution? Head home and start loving life as a homeworker! 500 Reasons Why I Hate the Office, published by Icon Books ISBN 10-84046-779-7 £9.99

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