Wednesday, June 13, 2018


For many years, I've written articles for Home Farmer and experienced the excellent work and co-operation with some of the the journal's superb editors Ruth and Paul. This current edition is great, not just because of my contribution, but generally for all who  grow and enjoy eating their own produce.  Growing your own food is a fundamental part of being self-sufficient, although time-consuming.  Like anything that's worthwhile, preparation is the key and time spent getting it right at the start will mean time saved for the rest of the year.  

This magazine's contributors are superb in each of their special disciplines.  Elizabeth McCorquodale has written a rather special feature this month showing how productive veg growing can be enjoyed as a leisure pursuit, rather than a necessary annual chore. Gaby Bartai, another excellent writer gives advice on growing French beans,  Pam Knight knows all about wool and now I know, too, as she outlines her report on this year's Wonderwool event which certainly made me think of my days of knitting, crochet, tatting, lace-making and all those creative crafts learnt so many years ago.

And here we are now with images of my own topic - making wine from the fruit, veg, herbs, flowers that grow so abundantly in our allotments and gardens. 


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