Sunday, April 15, 2018


Yours truly and former Barking Mayor Pat Manley
Yesterday's visit to Chadwell Heath History Fair was once again a great pleasure. Enjoyed signing a few of my own books and catching up with friends and meeting some new history enthusiasts.  Excellent lectures from Bill George, President of the Barking & District Historical Society speaking about local artist Frank Tingey's work and later listening to Tom Cromwell of English Heritage who filled in all the gaps regarding Barking Abbey, a place that's always fascinated me.  Meeting up with Pat Manley, former mayor of Barking, was a pleasure and I enjoyed listening to the latest news from Pip Field (Company Drinks) and Christine Wagg author of Homes for London (The Peabody Story), among others. Very impressed with Terry Felton's books on the history of Romford Football Club - huge amount of work involved there over a longish period, but the finished results are so impressive and sure to be of enormous interest to football fans around the world.
Authors Linda Rhodes and Terry Felton with one of the five volumes of the history of Romford Football Club

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