Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Shire Hall - newly renovated and updated in Tindal Square
Something new for me was the walking trip on Saturday around the city of Chelmsford with Alan Pamphilon and two dozen other folk. Alan is an author and super historian and part of his tour introduced us to twelve amazing buildings that had associations with some of the world's most famous people in history.  As part of the current Essex Book Festival, Alan led the 90-minute tour, sharing stories of a dozen famous people who have had such a huge impact on Chelmsford,  including Judge Tindal, Ernst Hoffmann of ball-bearing fame, Colonel R Crompton, pioneer of electric street lighting, and of course, Guglielmo Marconi "father of radio" who invited Dame Nellie Melba, the Australian opera singer to sing in his New Street factory in 1920 to publicise Chelmsford as the "birthplace of radio" I appreciated the trip and the chance of meeting up with some friends who joined the tour.
Alan Pamphilon wearing his 'coaching' hat on Saturday

To book a Chelmsford History Walk contact Alan Pamphilon via SWWJ #swwj Chelmsford Remembered @chelmsfordchronicle

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