Thursday, June 22, 2017


Marketing your book

Just finished off a feature about the next stage of writing.  Many writers feel a great sense of relief when their book is finished and their precious manuscript has been safely received by their publishing company. Their job is done – or is it? It’s true that publishers have marketing departments whose job is to sell as many books as possible, but it is a well known fact that the majority of books are unlikely to earn large amounts for the publishers. It’s up to the author to do all he/she can to market his book and generate sales both to the trade and potential readers.

An excellent way is to approach bookshops – preferably the larger chains - and offer to put on a book signing. A good, sharp photo of yourself attached to a short press release with illustrations of front cover and quotes could be sent to local newspapers and radio stations, which will generally attract media attention.

Sell your latest book or non-fiction articles by posting the work on your own website (which usually has to be paid for) or a blogsite  which is an effective marketing tool and is offered freely by Google. Don't forget local and regional radio - national, too, if you can interest a producer (and we do have a few connected to SWWJ), but do get into the mood and 'go off to market'.  Check out the Society of Women Writers and Journalists and study our list of great opportunities provided for SWWJ members around the world. 

SWWJ Chairman and new Council Member Rebecca Harding

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