Sunday, January 01, 2017


Many of the hundreds of authors, poets and journalists who appear from time to time on this site are all working creatively hard on their new literary projects.  Often I forget about the numerous wonderful and successful short story writers whose work appears in their collections and  anthologies.  

        So, it is now with huge pleasure, that I introduce Maldon-based writer Patrick Forsyth's new anthology A GREAT LITTLE GALLIMAUFRY (no - I wasn't familiar with the word either, but I sure am now!)  

     This is a rather special collection of Essex-based narratives, some fictional, others rather more factual (and historical), and, as you will see, are intentionally diverse. The twenty two authors have managed to use a comparatively small number of words to superb effect and the editors Hospice Trustee Patrick Forsyth and Lloyd Bonson have turned this miscellany of Essex writing into a fascinating and entertaining book, which is intended to raise money for that wonderful oasis of love and care at Chelmsford - The Farleigh Hospice.  At least half a dozen of Patrick's chosen writers belong to the Society of Women Writers and Journalists, that well known organisation of professional writers. 

All royalties from this book  will, of course, go to help the patients and families who use the services of Farleigh Hospice who are so dependent on voluntary donations.  

Patrick Forsyth will be outlining the content of this wonderful collection on radio shows within the next few weeks. He will be appearing on Phoenix 98fm on Wednesday 11 January on Book Club presented by Michelle Ward.

Here we have the content page, so do observe (and hopefully purchase) this book (£9.99) and help Farleigh |Hospice carry on their vital work. 

ISBN 9781909893085 £9.99 
published by Stanhope Books
Farleigh Hospice
North Court Road
Chelmsford CM1 7FH.

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