Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What a super group of ladies to brighten up the dullest of November afternoons! Just enjoyed a great lunch with these "Red Hatters" from this part of Essex. They embody everything that is fun and delightful about growing older. Their 'Queen' Pat is in the front row, second from left with Janet (last year's Queen) next to her. Princess Philippa stands out in her customary 'pink' just behind. You see, you have to reach the grand old age of 50 before you can wear the famous red hat and purple outfit. Actually, I love the combination. See also Geraldine who looks stunning in another permutation. Huge coincidence that last week in London I met the poet Jenny Joseph at Somerset House at the Royal Society of Literature lecture. It was her poem written in 1961 entitled "WHEN I GROW OLD, I WILL WEAR PURPLE" which is the inspiration and philosophy behind this local Red Hat Society chapter and thousands of other groups around the globe. More on this at a later date.