Saturday, April 07, 2018


I am writing features on both gardening and cookery this month.  With gardening pen in hand, off we go today, sowing seeds, making cuttings and generally preparing plants for some local fundraising groups. Oh, and if it doesn't rain, I might even mow the lawns.
Courtesy of Gardens Illustrated

One plant that always seem to attract folk is the succulent houseleek (sempervivum calcareum) which is one of the most wonderfully easy plants to grow. A single variety looks great, but more so in a group.  The most important thing to get right with houseleeks is compost - or lack of it.  They seem to love being potted up into an old sink, or other crusty old vessel and I find that they don't seem to mind the position in the garden - always creating babies which I grow on for other gardening events. I use just an ordinary gritty compost, on which the houseleeks just sit - so easy and so pretty. Why not try growing some?
Discovered this warrior at Tamworth Castle a few years back - note his armour! So cleverly made of houseleeks.

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